From National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWFNYC)

"It is time to call in our communities to talk about anti-blackness and Black Lives Matter.  BLM Translated is a crowdsourced repository of materials in Asian & Pacific Islander diasporic languages we can all use to navigate difficult discussions about Black Lives Matter, anti-blackness, Black history, and state-sanctioned violence with our families and communities. ⁣ We've included videos, dictionaries, articles, conversation guides, as well as actions. And, since we know it is often not just about the script but also the skills to have these conversations, there are some tips for how to approach them.  Our goal is to include materials in as many API languages as possible. As this resource is meant to be crowdsourced, we encourage you to share this with your network and to submit resources in your native language(s) – especially those we currently don't have materials in. Submissions can be made via the form in the document."
We hope that BLM Translated equips you with the right tools to have productive conversations. We must dismantle anti-blackness and white supremacy at all levels and at all costs, and doing the work in our own communities is a crucial step. 
In solidarity, NAPAWF*NYC

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